Sinful Colors Tidal Wave

Sinful Colors Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave is part of Sinful Colors’ new collection Pool Side Polish.

I love this color, but the formula is TERRIBLE. I know pastels are difficult to begin with, but this is probably one of the worst polishes I’ve ever owned.

It’s somehow both watery and goopy, so the polish moves all over the nail, but also sticks to the brush. It’s just a mess.

I thought this would be more of a creme formula, but it’s very sheer and requires at least 3 coats. I’m really disappointed that it wasn’t better, because the color really is very nice. Unfortunately, I can’t see myself wearing this very often.

This is two coats because I totally gave up once I realized the formula sucked. I have other similar colors, I didn’t feel like bothering with this one. I’m sure had I tried harder, it would have come out better, but I only work that hard with truly unique polishes. A plain pastel blue doesn’t call for any of that.

O sea…


  1. jasmineholloman

    Haven’t tried this color yet. Though Ilove the brand, I do hate how watery the nail polish is, so I always make sure I just have a little bit on my brush before applying it to my nail. I just fight through it for my love of the brand.

    • Mercedes

      I feel the same way with most of their polishes, and the majority are really great quality anyway. But I’m telling you, this formula is unbearable. And I’d work with it more if it was a great color, like Cinderella (have you tried that one yet? it’s amazing,) but this is really just a plain light blue.

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